Wire And Cables

Wire And Cables

Prime Cable has emerged as one of the top wire and cables manufacturers in India. We manufacture, supply, and distribute a wide range of cables befitting industrial requirements. Our range of wires and cables includes LT Aerial Bunch Cables, HT Power Cables, HT Aerial Bunch Cables, LT Power Cables, Solar Cables, Building Wire, Multicore Cables, Control Cables and House Wire. Moreover, we also serve the industry with copper cables, fiber cables, audio-video cables, industrial Ethernet, multi-conductor and so on. Our relentless pursuit of delivering the best quality is driven by our Engineers, Production Managers, Quality Control Supervisors, R & D Personnel, Technicians, and Skilled and Semi-Skilled Workers.

You can get multi-strand (unsheathed) heavy-duty wires, flame retardant grade (FR) & Fire Retardant Low Smoke Wires, Low Smoke PVC Insulated Copper Conductor (Flexible) Cables, PVC insulated Unsheathed cables (twisted copper), and much more. The triple layer insulation guarantees enhanced safety, moisture guard ensures high resistance to discoloration of copper conductors, and flexibility of wires are ideal for easy wiring installation. High conductivity of copper (102% IACS) & low conductor resistance, 99.96% pure copper, uniform capacitance throughout the length are some of the qualitative features of our wire and cable.

Salient Features
  • Super conductivity
  • Excellent durability
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant, rustproof
  • Supreme heat resistance capacity
  • Can handle much heavier loads of electricity
  • Known for elasticity and malleability
  • Endure high temperatures and does not melt easily

At Prime Cable, our experts focus on manufacturing only high-quality wires and cables by using excellent raw materials and the latest technologies in our ultramodern manufacturing unit. These wires and cables can be used for different purposes of electrical requirements. They are perfect for residential and commercial applications. There is rarely any risk of damaging or breaking as the wires are flexible and can be easily twisted or bent.

Being one of the popular wire and cable manufacturers in the country, Prime Cable is always committed to developing and deploying advanced machinery for constant improvement of the manufacturing process, improving product quality & reducing waste, stating compliance with the international standard manufacturing process. We strive to use natural resources, control pollution and promote environment-friendly practices.

Wire and Cables