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LT Aerial Bunch Cable Manufacturers in Madhya Pradesh

1100 Volt Grade, are used for distributing power to individual consumers by utility service providers such as electricity boards and electricity distributing authorities. The cables are suspended overhead using electrical poles. The cables can be tapped intermittently from any required position, enabling them to be used in urban as well as rural areas.

  • Single Phase or Three Phase systems with or without Street Light line.
  • Phase or lighting conductor: Electrical grade Aluminum of H2 or H4 grade as per IS: 8130
  • Messenger conductor: Aluminum Magnesium and Silica Alloy.

XLPE with Sioplas Technique.


Ridges provided on the insulation of Phase Conductors: 1 ridge for the 1st phase, 2 ridges for the 2nd phase and 3 ridges for the 3rd phase. The Neutral phase may have 4 ridges if required.


As the cable remains exposed to environmental elements such as UV rays from sunlight, the insulation is mixed with a small amount of carbon black to prevent the deterioration of polythene.


The phase conductor can be of single phase or three phases. A lighting conductor can be also incorporated for street lighting. A messenger conductor supports the weight of the cable and keeps the assembly strung under tension. Phase conductors are made of concentrically stranded Aluminum Wires having 7 or 19 wires. Messenger conductors are made of Aluminum Alloy having 7 or 19 wires.

Phase and lighting conductors may be insulated with XLPE compound of Sioplas Technology. Messenger conductors are kept either bare or insulated. Phase and lighting conductors are twisted around the messenger conductor. In special cases a neutral conductor may also be provided separately. Generally, the messenger acts as earth and neutral.

LT Aerial Bunch Cable Manufacturers in Madhya Pradesh

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