HT Aerial Bunch Cables

11 KV & 33 KV Aerial Bunched cables are used for power distribution in cities where ground space is constrained.

  • Size ranges from 35 Sq mm to 400 Sq mm.
  • Three phase cables constitute of three single core screened cables.
  • These phase cable twist around an Aluminum Alloy messenger conductor which carries the full load of the cable when mounted on poles.
  • The size of the messenger conductor is designed based on the weight of the cable over a span of poles.
  • Stranded Aluminum conductor
  • Screened by an extruded semi conducting layer - XLPE Insulated.
  • Screened again by an extruded semi conducting layer and a copper tape.
  • XLPE
  • Phase Identification
  • Coloured polyester strip Red, Yellow and Blue, under copper tape
  • Ridges 1, 2 and 3
  • Outer Sheath
  • Overall sheathed with PVC/ Polyethylene.
HT Aerial Bunch Cables