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Top 5 Control Cable Mistakes to Avoid for Peak Performance

Top 5 Control Cable Mistakes to Avoid for Peak Performance

This is the time of automation in technology. Functioning the equipment needs something that eases the task. Control Cable Manufacturers such as Prime Cables, design a superior control cable. These cables act as superheroes. They create a critical link between different devices and automate different industrial applications including manufacturing, packaging, material handling, assembly process, and quality control.

The control cables in the electrical system send signals, data, and power to various components and make automation possible. But some mistakes with control cables can bring things to a halt.

Let's look at the top 5 control cable mistakes to avoid for peak performance.

Mistake #1: Wrong Cable for the Application

Sometimes we use a cable that is not right for what they have been designed for. Different cables have different jobs. Some are made for outdoor use, some for high temperatures, and others for heavy loads.

  • How to Avoid: Always check the right kind of cable before you start. Check the user manual for your machine. It will guide you exactly the type of control cable right for your task.

Mistake #2: Not Checking For Damage

Control cables can get damaged if they are squished or bent too much. A damaged cable can stop working properly or even cause accidents.

  • How to Avoid: Before using a cable, inspect carefully. Look for any cuts, kinks, or worn-out spots. Do not use damaged cable. Replace it with a new one.

Mistake #3: improper Installation

If a cable is not installed correctly, it might stop working well. For example, if you are trying to plug in your computer with a twisted cord. It could stop working or stop the messages from flowing.

  • How to Avoid: Follow the instructions when installing cables. Make sure the cables are straight and untwisted.

Mistake #4: Overloading the Cable

Every cable has a limit to handle power or data. If you try to use it for more, it can get overheated or stop working.

How to Avoid: Determine your cable capacity. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines to see the load capacity. Never exceed these limits.

Mistake #5: Ignore Maintenance

Cables need to be taken care of like any other machine part. If you ignore them, they can damage or are easy to wear.

  • How to Avoid: Regularly check your cables to maintain their condition. Clean them if they are dirty. Also, make sure they are stored properly when not in use. If you see any signs of wear and tear, replace them immediately.


With these simple hacks, you can maintain your control cable and keep your machines running smoothly. Plus, selecting quality-assured cables also prevents you from hazardous risks. Prime Cable is one of the best control cable manufacturers that delivers cost-effective, superior quality, and expert solutions to meet your different wiring needs.  Choose from them top-quality cables and keep your projects running smoothly.